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I went through something very similar with my dog of 12 years, that I raised from 8 week old pup. And as a veterinary technician, I've seen this situation from many sides.
For me, it was about doing what was best for my dog. She had given me 12 years of joy & companionship & comfort. Though I did not want to lose her yet, it was the best way for me to return all the great times she had given me, by ending her suffering.
As a tech, I have seen animals that we all knew had a chance euthanized by owners for either financial or personal reasons, without giving a crucial chance.
I have also seen MANY cases where we have said the pet has little to no chance, & had to watch & care for the animal, suffering & dying a little more each day, undergoing hopeless procedures because the owner couldnt let go.
In the end, listen very carefully to your vet's HONEST opinion, & make the decision you feel has the best chance of alleviating your dog's suffering, whether by surgery or euthanasia.
I'm so sorry this is happening for you. It breaks my heart. I wish I could give you a solid answer to ease your heart, but we can only give our opinion on matters so close to the heart.
Praying for you and your dog.

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