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Nerve Issue? (afraid of loud sounds)


My neighbor has a lovely GSD she got for her bday a year ago. He is really good with people and/or dogs. But, when it comes to objects and loud sounds he seems to get scared.

For example, last night we were walking our dogs and a loud motorcycle passed by and the sound scared. He walked back or to the side and tries to get as far as possible. Also, when you put an object in front of him he tries to avoid it as well. She told me the dog trainer she goes with told her there is nothing she can do to get rid of that. Is that true?

I would say he has confidence issues, but then again he looks like a confident dog when around people and dogs. So I don't know.

Is there anything she can do to help him out? Any comments/suggestions will help out.


P.S. little background on the dog he came from a backyard breeder and according to her he has not had any bad experience with anything so far...

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