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My boy Chance. I just don't know what's best for him.

I know I hav'nt posted much on these boards but I've read them for years. I even adoped my dog molly off the urgent boards and drove to TN to get her in 2008.
Chance just turned 10 in nov. Then 2 days after xmas I had to take him to the ER because he was having trouble breathing. They foung fluid in his chest. They ran some blood tests and think it may be a blockage in his chest that could be fixed with surgery. My vet wanted him to go back in 4 weeks for a fu cxr. We did that this Monday. The first time they removed 2 liters of fluid. This time 9 pounds. I'm not sure what that is in liters. So I made an app and the university of Illinois vet hospital to see what they think. The night before his app yesterday he ended up getting diarreah and they wanted to do a cat scan but he was dehydrated from that. so I left him there over night last night to get iv fluids and do a cat scan today to see if they can find the cause.
if it is that blockage in his chest the only way to fix it is a very invasive surgery because they have to open his whole chest up to fix it.i don't want him to suffer because I'm selfish but really the only thing wrong before now was some arthritis that was controlled with medication. If this was fixed he could have another 2 yrs.
What would you do? I know everyone here loves their dogs as much as I love mine. I'm just so torn up over what's best right now. sorry for spelling errors, hard to see thru tears
Thanks, Sue
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