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Default Mall Shooting in MD

I am angry. I am angry that a cowardly loser can't just take his own life, without taking the lives of innocent victims. I'm angry that this happened too close to home - in my state and to kids around the ages of my own. I am angry that people can't go for a day out at the mall, or to a simple mall job, without the threat of being shot or killed. And.....every day, I am angrier at the Baltimore Sun for giving sooooo much press to the pathetic piece of crap who did this. Four days in a row, there have been stories about Darion Aguilar. Today is the first day the story hasn't included a picture of his ugly face. But - it is still the front page news and headline, "Police: 'Mall shooter was 'ready to die'." And - it's still a 2 page story. Enough of him. I don't care about his life. Nothing can undo or explain why he did what he did. I'd like to see some attention given to the victims and their families. I would like to see pictures of their faces and hear about their lives - lives that were cut short, because someone else was ready to die.
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