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Default Bummed after training today.

Week 2 of puppy class & Dinozzo wasn't as barky as last week. However even with withholding dinner he had no interest in cherrios.
I was going to bring some string cheese just in case but figured since I withheld dinner he would have enough interest. He ignored me pretty much 90% of the time. I'm confident it would of gone 110% better if I had brought the cheese/hot dog as that is what I usually use when at parks and stuff.
I also was told no more flirt pole as he was too interested/reactive in everything else that was moving.
Overall a very disappointing day. Feel like I looked like a bad owner.
His only shining moment was during puppy play where he was gentle with all the puppies that were half his size. I guess I was expecting a little more from him since he is so good at home. :/
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