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I loved this post--being undoubtedly much older than you, my stamina outside in single digit weather with 20 mph winds is way, way less then yours, less than mine used to be... But for 20-30 minutes, I experienced much the same emotions, watching the two of mine run all out, just to run, such beauty, then a growl here and there, then taking off like a pair of horses in tandem until Jade cuts through the center of the field to gain the lead, him putting on a burst of speed to catch up with her... Then I began to worry about their lungs (and mine) and we went inside. Watching them was a gift, but I have spent too many Michigan winters keeping water troughs open for horses, hauling feed through snow, working young horses in an indoor arena that seemed colder than it was outside, trying to cool off and dry a steaming horse after a winter workout...have too many old injuries, hands too stiff in this weather... Sorry, but I am SO looking forward to spring! It's supposed to go up to 27 f tomorrow, and I can hardly wait!
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