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Originally Posted by Airman1stclass View Post
So my wife and I are very much set on getting a sable. This doesn't mean we are willing to get just any old sable breeder we find. We are still looking carefully and trying to do the proper research. Finding the right breeder and who actually cares about the breed and isn't just trying to make a dollar. I would like to have my future dog very obedient. I live in a neighborhood where kids and dogs are always on the sidewalks or in the streets and can't take the chance with having an uncontrollable dog. I would also like to have the dog trained in personal protection. I am married and when I'm gone on a deployment, I want my wife to feel safe and secure. My wife and I are both very committed to doing what we need to so that we can expect certain things from our dog. I am in the military and work about 17 days a month (very lucky for panama shifts) and have every other weekend off and it's a 3 day weekend. So I have plenty of time to bring this future pup to classes and train when we are home. So back on topic, is it wrong for me to want only a sable? I know most sables are working dogs. So in a way that's a good thing. Any advice would be appreciated.
Nothing wrong with wanting a sable at all! Sables are beautiful, first of all. Second, you can do your research and definitely find good caring breeders who produce sable puppies. The breeder of my sable Sarah was such a breeder, and we never regretted our choice. Sarah saved the life of my grand nephew when he was an infant, and a half sibling of hers saved his owner's life from the attack of a nasty mule.

Two keys to my choosing that breeder: First, it was in her sales contract that the puppy be OFA'd and Penn-hipped by a certain age, and copies of the x-rays be sent to her. Second, if Sarah did show issues with hips or elbows, the breeder would send me my choice of the next available litter, and I could also keep Sarah (most breeders will offer an exchange, then they put down the dog with bad hips/elbows). Her breeding animals were all schutzhund and/or French Ring titled. And, I talked to her at length weeks before Sarah was even born, and still consider her a friend, six years after Sarah has passed away. (Unfortunately she has retired as a breeder, and has only a few older dogs now, no breeding.)

Others here can give you lots more criteria for choosing a good breeder, but this is what helped me.
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