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The local obedience club that I belong to offered a new class this session called pre-agility. It works on a little bit of everything including some obedience, some of the skills needed for a CGC and introducing some of the agility course equipment.

Varik is unflappable as always (if not always that obedient .. he STILL isn't into loose leash walking/heeling). He barrels right in and tries everything and is doing well. The only issue I have is pretty laughable.

At home, I wanted to teach him to jump (well it's 4 inches off the ground so .. step over) on command. Basically, he's like Godzilla and just tromps through, never even seeming to notice there is something down there to go over/avoid. Any suggestions on how to get him over it without his just knocking it out of the way and clomping on through which is his current modus operandi?


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