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Do you know how they groom? When my pup was about 4 - 5 months old, I had my day care bathe/groom him. He loved water, but the next time I tried to bathe him myself, he was scared to death. I also noticed later that he would try to attack the nail-manicuring-thing (sorry, do not know what it is called) when my girlfriend was doing her nails. It wasn't an aggressive attack, almost a crying and trying to bite kind of thing. We were puzzled but tried some positive treating and left it there. Finally, one day when we were at the dog run on the terrace of your apartment complex, Titan was thirsty after a good play time. So I tried to fill the water bowl with the spray hose, and out of nowhere he attacked the hose, and in the attempt, accidentally bit me.

Something was totally amiss. Upon investigation, I found out that the daycare that I sent him to (which has raving reviews everywhere) ties the dogs to a platform, hydraulically raises it, and sprays them to give them a bath. Following that they use a scary rolling sander to do their nails. It perfectly fit the bill.

It took months of positive conditioning for us to finally be able to furminate him, use the manicure, and be able to clip his nails. He still hates the spray hose and his baths.

I am not saying it is the same case with your dog, but it could be. Check how they groom and how much time and effort they put into making your dog comfortable about what they are doing. Some dogs require a lot of patience.


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