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Should I be concerned?

I took my dog Alfie to the groomers for the second time today. The first time he went they had no problem with him (he was about 9 months). He's maybe 1 and half now. Anyway, I took him in and he was scared obviously but I didn't think anything of it. I get a call from the groomers 30 minutes later and they say that I have to come pick him up 'cause he's stressed and they can't go near him. When I go in the lady tells me they had him in the room but they could not even get close to him because he went into the corner of the room and was showing his teeth/growling and all that stuff. The groomer has said she's worked with all kinds of difficult dogs but has never seen anything this bad. When I went in he was all happy, jolly and so relieved to see me.

Is this bad? I was so shocked to see him like that. We take him to the dog park and he is so gentle and kind there with dogs and humans. He has never shown any aggressive behavior as long as I've had him (other than at the vet). I'm so worried that I have done something wrong, that maybe I haven't raised him well. Was he just scared? Is it normal for dogs to get scared at the groomers? I'm so upset that the lady was terrified of him, that she couldn't get near him, that I had to go into the back room and bring him out myself. Can I work on this behavior? I've never had a dog before, he's my first dog so I have no experience with this kind of thing.

I would appreciate any advice anyone can give me. Thank you!
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