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I'm afraid my vet gave my puppy to many shots

To start off I got my puppy at 8 weeks of age he had already received his first puppy shot which he got at 6 weeks. I took him to my vet at 9 1/2 weeks and he received his 2nd DHPP shot. The vet had me set up another appointment for yesterday at 13 weeks which she gave him another DHPP shot along with his Rabies vaccine. As I was leaving her office I mentioned about now being able to walk my puppy on a leash without worry. She told me I couldn't until he has his next set of shots. My last puppy only received 3 DHPP shots and I thought that is all they get. I called the office and explained to the tech about how I feel and wanted an answer as to why he needs more vaccines. She looked his chart up and said it looks to her like he is finished but then asked me told hold on. She got back to me and said she's not sure why it says that and sometimes they give puppies a series of 4 sets of shots. So she needs to talk to the vet we saw and she will get back to me tomorrow. I asked if I have anything to worry about if he got to many shots and she said no.

My question to anyone that's knows can you please give me some information on this and let me know if I have anything to worry about. Like side effects of being over vaccinated??

I feel horrible that I didn't think of this until after he got his shots yesterday. He looks and is acting totally normal.

Thank you!!

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