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Severe Itching - Acceptable Humidity Levels?

This is a piggy back to my earlier post about fur loss here. I've never bothered to look at a humidistat in my house (I have a few on the wall) but last glance it said 18%. I'm wondering if this is the cause of severe itching?

I installed them because our daylight basement tends to run on the high side of humidity and I have a dehumidifier that keeps it ~50%, but even that is showing 20%.

Dollies itching and scratching seems to be in the fall-winter which is our driest season, even though it has been very wet here.

We have n.g heat and keep the house pretty warm and our house is so air tight that if the damper in the fireplace is open we smell ash throughout the first floor.

I'm starting to wonder. What is considered an acceptable range for humidity?

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