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Highly recommend this book. Much more along my line of philosophy in respecting the dogs intelligence and co operation , decision making , and mutual benefits from our associations. More along the ideas of Temple Grandin .
Hey, even on the forum - genetic obedience -- which capitalizes on this desire to connect , you have people mocking - airy fairy - wishful thinking.

I have browsed through it . At the moment it sits between Inside of a Dog by Horowitz and A Modern Dogs Life -- .
To keep the reading balanced have the behavioural classics by Pryor and spawn .. Thing Thinking Dog (clicker training).
I understand the magic possible with clicker training especially when well presented . However , there is something which bothers me about it . I think the animal is reduced , here are your options .

With that , recent discoveries using primates in social experiments.
A monkey learns that by touching a pad , a treat is released. Go crazy monkey. At one point other monkeys are wheeled in to watch .
After a while they catch on , are excited when they see the monkey get rewards . A third pad is introduced . The monkey is curious , touches it , and sees that the other monkeys share in treats . Not only does he benefit but so do the others.
What is the frequency of the monkey being altruistic?



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