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Abby is between 2 & 4 years old. The shelter thought she was about 4 but my Vet thought she was about 2. I just had her weighed and she was at 71 lbs. The 2 pictures I posted of her were from the shelter and most likely taken a few months apart.

Abby has had a terrible life thus far. She has been re-homed several times, and then back to the shelter. She has been staked out 24/7 during some of our coldest days this year and then returned because all she did was bark and whine... well no kidding!

My vet also gave me some more news I didn't expect. First, she thinks she has had a litter of puppies. Second they did a real crappy job of spaying her and it was not a real clean procedure at stitching her up. And then we find out she has been shot with bird shot. The vet and I found at least 8 bb's in her from front to back on her right side, so I'm thinking she was loose and not welcome on some farmers land and she was shot with bird-shot. Abby has had a tough life so far and had no clue how to play with toys, or even what to do with a rawhide (Yes I know not the best thing to give her).
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