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Unhappy Car ride "anxieties"

Most of you "regulars" won't remember me as I have only posted a couple times since becoming a member here. Other priorities keep me from frequenting the forums I belong to.

Shena, our four year old Sable GSD, loves getting in the car and going for a ride. Most times she does go, it is a 45 mile trip to my daughters where we got her from. I have taken her on shorter rides around town here as well but, I don't like leaving her alone for a few hours while I am out entertaining myself. She don't seem to mind but, does act like she would love to go in with me. If I come out and open the door to check on her, she will jump out, walk around in a circle and hop right back in the car.

Here is my issue, .... when we plan on going somewhere, it is usually after I get off work. My wife works second shift as well but has been working 4 tens so she is off Fridays. While I am working, my wife does the packing for our weekend trek. As soon as Shena realizes the wife is packing, she starts this whining and pacing thing and won't leave the wife alone. When I get home, she about knocks me over trying to get to the car! This is all good as I love taking her along and including her in our family activities. (We have our camper parked at my daughters farm so, most weekends are spent camping.) Now!, .... once she is in the car, I can leave the doors wide open while we put things in the trunk, she won't move. BUT, once we get going and are headed down the road, she starts whining again! I open the back window she is by, she is good for a few minutes. Then she will go by the other back window and start whining again. So, I open THAT window (electric windows). Then she is okay for a bit again. after a while with both windows open, she might lay down so I close the windows. This is all good during the summer but, winter time, especially through this "Arctic Vortex" or whatever it is, I can't keep us warm with the back windows wide open! She isn't happy with the window cracked so she gets fresh air, it has to be wide open so she can stick her head out. At times, even with the windows open, she paces back and forth on the back seat whining. We get to where we are going and go to unpack, she will get out of the car long enough to pee and wants right back in.

I tried explaining this the best I can. It boils down to, she can't wait to get in the car to go along but once she is in there, all she does is whine and pace or, sit on the seat behind one of us at the window panting. Well, panting and this cold weather = frosted windows. At these times, the car is not hot ... maybe mid 60's inside. We are wrapped in winter parkas trying to keep warm and Shena needs a window open! Is this a sort of anxiety? Is there a pill we can give her to calm her during the ride? This does get quite annoying after, say, the first ten minutes!

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