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Question Looking for cheap treats (or stick with Milkbone?)

My 9-year-old GSD eats Fromm's. Fromm's is kind of expensive.

I mix in Wild Calling, a premium wet food. Wild Calling is kind of expensive.

I give him a greenie every night as a treat and for glucosamine. Greenies are kind of expensive.

When he comes in from the yard, does what he's supposed to, etc. I give him a small treat. Frankly, I'm a bit fatigued from all the other costs...I love the guy but there's a limit to my budget. So I've been giving him Milkbones.

I used to give him Natural Balance treats (which are expensive) though I've moved away from their line since they were bought by Del Monte.

My wife says "you stopped serving him Natural Balance, but you give him Milkbones and they're made by Del Monte!" She's right as usual.

What is a good cheap treat?
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