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Have you gotten a great basis in ---> Top Training Expectations for Puppies so she knows dozens of tricks already?

I'm still working on tricks but there are tons more I need to teach her. She is a quick learner and I'm attempting (!) to train her in high distraction environments which is a struggle for her (if she's not paying attention we'll just keep going on our walk because its not acceptable for her to not obey). I will keep trying though, though with how she is right now she's giving me attitude for even getting her to sit. She always has to follow through with a command though.

Are you familiar with the developmental and fear stages our pups go thru the first year? Why bother to 'socialize' and I want photos/videos of puppies/dogs.....

Yes! But at this point I would not let her off a leash - she seems to be going through her second fear stage which I thought was too early? Unfortunately she is so prey driven that the cat I was going to adopt I've decided not to adopt at this point. She was going to doggy day care but I've noticed her aggression increases for a day or two after going. And unfortunately it is the dead of winter here so there aren't really any outdoor activities or festivals to be taking her to. When she hit about 5 months she decided running away at any chance she got was fun to do - not cool. Unfortunately there's a women's shelter next door so letting her roam about for even a minute is not okay. (I realize this paragraph has a lot of unfortunately's). I wonder if I lived in a city, would that have been better, as there are more people, more dog parks, milder temps, and more trainers.

When you contacted the breeder did they have any hints/tips to help? How are the littermates doing and do their owners have suggestions?

Breeder - a joke. See my last thread. "Champion" showline breeder but from what I have read after scouring the internet, not a great temperament or health line of dogs. If you read my last thread, the breeder was accusatory that its my problem, and that my disabled brother must have abused her to cause her fear reactions. I have had two people contact me on here through PM - one who was also having health issues and one whose dog was so aggressive and unhealthy that they brought her back (same litter). So that is pretty much a dead end.

Glad to see you found a trainer because that should help too.
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