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Question Should I work on it or leave it? (therapy dog training ??)

As some of you know Ammo is working on being a Therapy Dog. He has been doing really good with his training and has gotten over some really big hurdles. He has been doing really good with his staying while I'm out of view. He has also seemed to over come his issue with other dogs, for the most part he ignores them. In a couple weeks we will probably try for his CGC title and then move on to getting him certified to be a TD.

Ammo loves being loved on, that's the reason we are doing to TD thing. He goes to any place we can take him to get him used to being around a lot of people. He is great with it. When we walk past people he doesn't pay any attention to them. I can take him to Gander Mountain and let my toddler lead him through the store. He stays right with us and acts really good. I take every chance I can to get people to pet him. I ask almost every person who passes if they want to pet him. Some say no, but most say yes. He does get a little excited but never jumps and I can usually get him to sit.

There is a few exceptions to that rule though. There have been a few times when he will pull me to a person. Usually it's with people that get really excited and talk in a high pitched squeally voice to him. He never charges them like he is going to jump on them, but he is a little harder to handle. A couple days ago we were at Gander Mountain and was loving all the attention. He had pulled a couple times but nothing major. At one point we came across an older couple who commented on how beautiful he was. Ammo looked up at the lady and then dragged me about 5 foot till he was standing in front of her. I could not get him to stop, he was very set on getting to this couple. He never pushed on them but he didn't stop till he was about an inch from them. I kind of laughed and told them he normally isn't this pushy, the lady had already started petting him. I could tell they were ok with him coming up to them without me asking so i let him stay there. They loved on him for about 5 minutes and then the lady looked up at me with tears in her eyes and told me that they had just lost their lab a couple days ago.

My issue is should I let him go up to people like that? He isn't always like that but I would hate for him to go up to someone who was scared of him. Should I just leave him to his own judgement on who to go up to and who to wait on, for them to come to him? I will say that he has never tried to approach someone who was scared of him. How do I break him from getting excited when people get excited and squeal at him? Since he is keeping all 4 feet on the ground and not being pushy is it ok for him to be a little excited about being loved on? Any thoughts?

Also if this is in the wrong spot feel free to move it.

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