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I should add that she's been extremely and increasingly skittish lately.... before she could handle thunder storms, the paper shredder, pretty much any loud noise. Lately if there's any small noise she'll jump out of her skin and run. Sometimes she'lll just jump out of her skin for no reason (at least a noise I can't hear). Tonight on our walk the snow plow passed us by and she nearly peed her pants.

In all honesty, if you were to approach her she would probably lunge or act as though she were an abused dog. So I think a lot of this stems from fear.

I do agree that this is a training/leadership issue. I have realized my limitations though that I don't know how to help myself and her (mostly me, I'm guessing, though her skittishness worries me), without professional help.

I am in Burns Lake, BC - so only geographically in the centre of BC but considered "northern" to the rest of BC.

Oh and I'll add as well - growling at me and talking back is not acceptable. Before she would back down and lay down and be quiet. Now she lunges and bites and growls. I have started leaving her on a leash inside so I can get a hold of the situation right away (with constant supervision), but this was the first time she did it outside, where I don't leash her as its a big fenced yard.

And I do low key greetings. I honestly act like the most impartial dog owner in the world sometimes because I know too-exciting greetings can be a problem with GSD. Now I just ignore her when I leave for work and when I get home, which sucks, but I've been trying this tactic too for at least a couple of months.

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