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Default How big will my GSD be when full grown?

My female white GSD is 9 months 3 weeks old, and weighs 55 lbs.

It seems worth mentioning that she has hasn't gained weight in a few weeks. I do feed her the high end of the bag-recommended amount of high-quality dog food. She is up to date on all her shots, vaccinations, heartworm stuff, etc..

Her dam is (reportedly a runt), weighs a petite 65 lb. Her sire is 95-100 lb.

The (inexperienced) breeders guessed she's be around 70-80... a median between the dam and sire. I had no reason not to believe them but now I'm wondering if she'll be a little smaller than that. She does have a slender body type similar to her mother.

Any input would be appreciated.

(pic: that's her a month or so ago. I believe she is a bit longer now but as I said before, hasn't gained weight. For scale, the man in the picture is 6'4".)
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