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Originally Posted by bailej77 View Post
Growing up we had a dog that was like that and when I got my 2 German shepherds my girl was the same way.

The same approach worked for both dogs. But just to be clear I don't hit my dogs and am not abusive.

You have to show that you are the alpha and make them respect you.

Every time kyra bit me I "tackled" her. Just got on top of her hold her mouth closed and said be nice over and over.

The first few time she would try to over power me and bite me. When that happened just a small bite on her ear (not too hard) and she stopped. It wasn't long before she learned and now she is an amazing girl and a lover

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While I never bit my dogs ear, I do agree with you. My dog also had aggression issues and was Alpha trained, he is six years old now and very well behaved.
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