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Default Nuisance Barking :(

I refuse to get rid of my dog. We have run into an issue that I need help with fixing. When we leave ( I do not leave often but yesterday I was gone for about 3 hours) my 6 month old GSD barks/whines I'm guessing the entire time. I do not know what to do. She is crated because she like to dumpster dive if we leave her out, with the occasional couch/ottoman eating. Her brother (a 2 year old Lhasa apso) is not crated and roams the apartment which I'm guessing is antagonizing for her. I need help with ways to stop her barking. I understand she is a dog and dogs bark but I have until the end of Feb to "fix" her or we have to either get rid of her or pay the early termination of the lease we just signed. I do not want to do either but I know my husband will not break our lease. I love this dog like one of my kids and do not want to lose her. Please help.

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