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EPI/SIBO/Giardia tests are back...good and bad?

I am STILL trying to figure out what is wrong with Navarro. He stopped eating again for a while and now is doing fine again. We did xrays, a basic blood test and pancreatitis tests a few weeks ago, all normal. We did more tests on Saturday for EPI, SIBO and giardia. Giardia was negative, EPI test was 7 and I am told anything above 5.7 is good...though he said 7 was low enough to try enzymes and see if they make a difference. B12 was a little low as well but vet didn't say anything about antibiotics. He recommended probiotics, b12 supplement and enzymes and retest for EPI at some point down the road since he is so young...he thinks maybe it is starting but not enough to make a diagnosis yet? He has always had loose stools and since November his coat has gotten ratty and weight low. Anything else I can do to help this boy? It has been a long road...about 7 grand in vet bills for our first year together. I really need him to start being healthy at some point!!!
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