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New park, new challenges

I am so proud of Sofie! We went to a new park and faced some of her weakness all in the span of 30 minutes....close cars, small dogs, shady looking men. Nothing that's been big issues, but for a 17 month old with way too much energy, it's been difficult exercising both of us in a safe environment. I tried a new park closer to home, around a lake. She walked right past the house with the yapping small dog without thinking twice, not just once, but two times! When she was a puppy our neighbor's small dogs tormented her, that's been an uphill battle, even after they moved. She sat like a lady on my left side when cars drove by too fast without pulling on the leash. The second time we walked past the yapping dog house, a large man walked out on his porch, surprising me and honestly making me nervous, which usually gets to her. I stopped to move her to my other side, away from him, she heeled and looked to me for guidance and we kept going with no drama or anxiety. And to top it all off, she walked across a 30 foot expanded metal grate bridge without balking at all. My girl is growing up all confident! I'm super proud of her and so happy to see our training efforts working :-D

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