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Originally Posted by Sp00ks View Post
It's not really the dogs, it's the people. If he would have stood up for himself, it would have been his fault not the owner of the aggressive dog.....

I agree.
The dog park I go to is a private one where members pay monthly. If you have an aggressive dog you are kicked out. The people there are very nice and concerned for all the animals there. They have to be as small and big dogs are together. No dog park is perfect, some are worse than others. Up to now Ive never heard any of the members call each other names or attack them verbally. They dont allow their dogs to pester another dog and if seen other members will point it out to them. Ive been going almost a year. Although I dont go as much as I used to as Ive been busy with trying to get my GSD to ignore other dogs.

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