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Question on housebreaking

Quick question on housebreaking a puppy...My male GSD is going to be 14 weeks old in 2 days. He was doing amazing with the housebreaking as I had 2 weeks off of work when I first got him due to the holidays. Then I went back to work and he was still doing great. While I'm at work he is in the kennel but I did put a puppy pad in there just in case he had an accident while I'm at work.

Well needless to say he had to be moved up to a larger kennel but I put up the divider because I was told by my trainer & my family members to not give him too big of a kennel as it would encourage him to go to the bathroom in his kennel. However, even though right now the kennel he is in with the divider is the size it should be every night by time I get home from work he's peed in the box and lays in it. It was suggested to me to just remove the divider and put a puppy pad on one side and let him lay on the other.

Would this work or is it teaching him it's okay to pee in the box? I feel horrible right now but I've never seen a dog lay in his own pee? My female shepherd never did this. When we moved her from one the box to the next we used the divider and she was fine
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