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Which avenue to take? Keep on RAW w/loose stool?

Luger's approaching 8 weeks now and has been doing great! He's quite the terrorist with feet/pants/hands, but we're working on that. Crate and house training are going really well! He knows "sit", but is selective on "come."

I do have a question or two regarding some feeding issues. I have a couple of ideas to try, but wanted to see what others' opinions are.

We started him on BBW Puppy. We just bought a small bag to try so that we weren't out a lot of $$$ if it didn't work out. I've also been feeding him raw for lunch. I don't mix the kibble and raw, he just gets kibble during the mornings/evenings and a mix of ground chicken/broc/yogurt and occasionally an egg (small pieces of chicken heart/livers too).

He loves the kibble and licks the bowl clean with raw! However, his poo has been a bit mushy. It varies between firm and soft. I'm reading, now, that BB gives some dogs the soft poos, so I'm thinking of switching to an adult food, which also seems to be the popular opinion (feed adult all the time vs puppy/large breed puppy).

The questions I have are:

1. Is how I'm feeding okay? Seems any raw is better than none. Goal is to be all raw at some point, but for now is it alright to do kibble/raw/kibble for the daily schedule?

2. It would make sense to stop either kibble or raw to try to find out which one is the culprit. Good idea, or stick with the same feedings, just get a different brand of kibble to try?

FWIW, he gets about 2 cups of kibble during the day and the raw probably comes out to roughly a cup. How are these amounts? He doesn't seem too heavy or slim.

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