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how to improve cow hocked pup?

Hi folks,

Hope ya’ll are doing good!

First thing first, since I live in a small town of Pakistan, we don’t have qualified vets around.

My GSD pup is about 7-month old and in perfect health other than his hocks… he is purebred, from champ bloodlines. He seemed ok till he was 3 mo, but then I started feeling if he’s cow hocked, and now his hocks touch each other when he’s standing (sometimes even cross each other). I just want to know is there anything I can do to improve his condition?

Additional info: I take him for a 30-min walk in the morning and play with him in mud/dirt in the eve (as suggested by a friend) for about 30-40 minutes. I also give him a tablet that has calcium, vitamin D (and couple other components) once a week.

Look forward to your insightful suggestions.
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