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Vet used a 2 month expired parvo vaccine on 10 week old pup

I took my 10 week old to the vet last evening with my boyfriend to get his second parvo vaccine. When we got home we were looking in his passport and noticed that the vaccine expired 2 months ago. We called up the vet and they said that it's not a big deal and that the companies give very early expiration dates.

I don't know if I'm particularly convinced. It's easy enough for the vet to say it's not a big deal. I'm going to call a second vet to get another opinion today. I just wanted to know if anyone here can chime in or has any experience with this?

Personally, I'm not happy. I'm really mad that they didn't feel the need to at least tell us and explain it at the office, but I'm even more mad if they just didn't even notice that it was expired.

So is this not a big deal or should I be looking for a new vet?
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