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Important To continue taking care of the puppy..

Hi Guys,

Can you give any advice on my situation right now whether i should take care of the puppy or have my friend sell/give it to someone else?

Here is the situation I'm in:

A friend of mine has a GSD x Husky puppy about 2-3 months old. He wants me to take care of it since he will be leaving the country for work (totally unplanned and never expected him to get the job). I really want to but I'm having second thoughts on this primarily because of my work schedule.
I am working 12hrs/day, 3-4 times a week. Mondays-Tuesday(9pm-9am) then Thurs-Fri(9am-9pm) although there are times i dont work on my tuesday shift and I think I can sneak out during lunch time just to go home and check on him during thursdays and fridays.
I already have an area in mind for the puppy to stay within the apartment (1mx5m with 1m height for a fence) but still i'm quite bothered if it is okay to leave her for 12hrs.

The other option would be to give/sell the puppy to someone else which also honestly I'm quite against it as there are only two possibilities that would occur. One, she may end up with someone else who might not take care of her properly as it is common here in our country. Second, there is a chance that she will be with someone who can take care of her better than I do on my current situation.

I'm really up against the wall here as my friend will be leaving two weeks from now and he needs my decision on this. Any advice guys? just no hurtful comments please....thanks a lot!
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