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Question My puppy eats rocks/stones ... whats wrong?

Hi everyone...
Jarvis is 13 weeks old, but does not matter how old he is, he likes stones from his first days. I dont know what does it mean, but it is not normal in my opinion. Does not matter if he is hungry or few minutes after food, he goes outside and take every small stone what lies in ground and eat.
Now he is at home and eating stones only when he is outside during walk, but wonder why he is doing that. Our vet said its because his taste cells (palate) on the tongue are not really growth (sry for my english, cant find better word). Someone said it is because he needs to sharp his teeth. But... i am afraid because he eats stones and he cant sleep in night because of stomachache and sometimes there is also vomit process :/

can i somehow force him to stop do that? or i need to wait till he understand its not ok and tasty ? thanks

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