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@gdsar… thanks for that. Each day she's getting a little more comfortable and slightly more engaged. It's just a very shallow gradient at the moment. At a pace this steady, 2 weeks sounds like a decent timeline.

@onyxgirl… the breeder was a referral from someone I trust. They are reputable and I have a friend who has a relative of my dog who is a very solid sport/protection dog. I would say she's confident so far. She hasn't ran away from anything. She has been a little timid around strange things, but she is moving foreword towards the things that are obviously alien to her. She was accustomed to acres of deep woods and creeks so being in Los Angeles brings a completely different environment (noises, weather, agriculture) and she's sniffing at everything from a table to a shovel to the bbq and the air conditioning unit. She saw her reflection in the french doors and started barking with hackles raised… but that's about the only stressful thing she's experienced so far.
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