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I guess I can chime in to say it can take some time for them to settle in some.

I was having the same issue with my new puppy. He's younger than your dog and different lines, but only now after we've been going out and about more, he's seeing other dogs doing things, is he starting to get more interested in toys and treats. It has been slow going, and so far I haven't really done any super formal training minus him knowing his name, come, kennel and wait. I've had him almost two weeks now and he's settling in much better.

Just this last weekend we started to learn how to get him used to the idea of doing bitework eventually, just by playing with a little rag toy. The trainer had me get his attention, dangle it before him and toss it off a short distance before running in another direction saying his name, clapping, etc so that he would hold onto the toy as he followed me. It took a time or two but he was holding the rag rather nicely in the end. ^^ He's just hitting 6 months now, so my guy is still teething, thus no tuggy but he shows an interest in playing tug.

I wouldn't be so quick to think this is what you will deal with. It took some time for Doyle to figure out this is his life now. Keeping things fun right now should help introduce her in a good way I would think. DDR lines take quite awhile to mature too lol. My roommate's female is probably only now starting to kind of act like a grown up dog... kinda.
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