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Lucky dogs - that's huge! We have a chain link pen in the garage for the dogs, I think it's around 8 x 6. We have Kuranda beds for them. There's a dog door to an outdoor run that's along the side of the house, with a chain link gate at either end. There's a wood fence around our entire yard, (what people in other parts of the country call a "privacy fence", but we just call a fence. ), so that's down the other long side. The gates keep the dogs out of the main part of the yard, so they can't dig up the plants, and on the other end it separates them from the garbage and recycling bins. I think the run is about 5 ft wide.

We built the pen into a corner, so there are chain link panels on two sides, and walls on the other two sides. Here are some pics:

Dena outside

Keefer inside

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