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Originally Posted by jafo220 View Post
I catch myself calling Cruz, Rocky a times. I feel real bad when I do it. I do the same with our cat Nikko too. I call him Jake sometimes. I do catch it from my better half when it happens.
I call Sofie, Chloe at times... I miss that dog, and they have some of the same traits, but Chloe wasn't as pushy so I have to check myself when I get frustrated with Sofie and remind myself she's a completely different dog with a completely different personality.

I do the same with my kids, though, too lol. My 2 year old was the easiest baby, and I have to be careful trying to compare my high needs 6 month old to her, it's just not fair to the baby.b

Sofie Rose born 08/2012
Yann von Erzengel born 02/2006
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