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Originally Posted by gsdsar View Post
I am so sorry for your loss. But excited for your new puppy.

Be warned though, do not place unrealistic expectation on your new pup. Do not compare him to Cutter. They are different dogs. It's not fair to you or the pup the grow up under the "he is a replica of my last dog"

My new pup I got after I lost my heart dog, Ike, to Hemangiosarcoma. I made sure to get a different color. Just to not always be comparing. But I still find myself looking at my pup and comparing. I have to check myself a lot. I remember how good Ike was at the vets. How he would sit still for anything, let newbies try blood draws, be perfectly calm in public, loved everyone. And I have to remind myself that it took me years to get that. That my puppy is still learning, has different threshold, different triggers, different soul.

Good luck with the new baby. Cutter would want another dog to live the life he had, and have the love he had.

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I catch myself calling Cruz, Rocky a times. I feel real bad when I do it. I do the same with our cat Nikko too. I call him Jake sometimes. I do catch it from my better half when it happens.
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