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Originally Posted by gsdsar View Post
I am not a fan of dog parks. Ever since my GSD got attacked by a pack of dog there I have stayed away. I don't think GSD are in general good candidates for a dog park.

This weekend I was in Miami with my Lab for her FEMA recert. There is not a lot if places for dogs to run there so we found a dog park. It was a gorgeous park, very busy inside and out. Really cool. Anyway, we took the dogs inside and I was on guard. To my surprise, I had a great experience. All of the dogs there were lovely, more than that, all of the owners were attentive to their dogs. I watched time and again an owner interrupt their dog if they were getting carried away or bugging another dog.

There was a path that circled the park and we walked around to keep our dogs moving. At one point we heard a clicker go off. And of course so did the dogs and they went running to the sound. We were about 10 feet away and I realized that an owner was working with his "pit bull" on some reactivity. Every time a dog would pass, the owner clicked and treated the dog. If course our dogs were trying to get a treat, but they called off quick. I stopped and talked a bit with the owner. My Lab is very very dog neutral. So I had her sit by me and allowed them to have their pup sniff her, then get rewarded. They were very happy to have a safe dog to help. But they were also very aware if their dog limitations. They left right after we moved on.

There were a number of GSD, husky, and bully breeds there. All were lovely lovely dogs.

Now I am not saying that my male would be a good dog to take in there but it did make me realize that Dog parks are not always evil places and it really is dependent in the dogs and their owners.

Anyway. Thought I would share a positive story.

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That's a great experience. But...........

Miami is right on the cusp of the Bermuda Triangle. Are you sure you didn't get caught up in a alternate universe thing or something? I would have been pinching myself to make sure it was all real.
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