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Best German Shepherd Breeder

I am new in this field of breeding dogs but would like to get started as I would like to make a difference and introduce good quality dogs into the market, where i presently live, in Egypt.

There are too many people selling any dog with fake pedigrees.

I need help to find a good and reputable breeder, with champion bloodline and where i can get a dog or two to start.

I am willing to travel to Germany to check and buy the dog and can spend money but ONLY if the dog is worth it. I understand that the more pure the dog is, the more expensive it will be but i am afraid to pay a lot of money for not a very good dog at the end.

I need a breeding top quality dog for breeding purposes.

Can anyone direct me where to go from here? I appreciate all the help i can get.

And how much should i expect to pay for such a dog?

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