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Originally Posted by Jax08 View Post
If a 2 mth old puppy is not eating, I would take her to a vet. I would never let her starve until her survival instincts set up.

Purina is a garbage food. You can do much better for just a little more money.

As far as feeding, I put the food down and give them 15 minutes. Nothing wrong with having a schedule.
Thank you for the fast answer.
I'm giving her the food every hour to see whether she wants it or not, I tried it 30 minutes ago and I mixed her favourite treats with the food but she would only eat the treats and leave the rest.

I took her to the vet last Thursday (for the deworming) and by that time I was feeding her both Purina and normal food (I didn't know that I was not supposed to give her the food I cooked) and the vet told me what ration she was being given and that she recommended Purina.

What do you recommend? I don't want to spend more than 20€ in 3KG of food because it's just too expensive and is almost nothing.
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