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When will my puppy and Lab like eachother?

Hi everyone,

I am a little frustrated that my 11 week old pup and Lab aren't really bonding well. The puppy in the beginning wanted to smell our Lab and play with him - my 6yr old Lab wants nothing to do with him and growls when he is near.

Our puppy keeps coming back for more. Running up to him and trying to follow him etc. My lab is so mellow and friendly with everybody except the pup.

I have been keeping them separated for most of the time - using kitchen gates, crate time, outside etc. But sometimes they need to be walking past each other. I've read to keep them separate....should I be correcting the pup when he goes up to the Lab? Our vet said to let our Lab correct our pup, but he is growling at him even when the pup is just passing by. He is acting kinda "stuck Up"! He is trained and very well behaved, but in this case I find he is being rude.

BTW, they have known each other for about 8 days. I know it's early days but I want to help the process not make it worse. I am feeding them separately and my Lab lets the pup drink his water, so no food issues. (yet?)

I had pictures in my head of my dogs sleeping beside each other snuggled together ;( That's the way my kids hang over my Lab, really hoping my GSD would be the same.

Please help!!
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