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Subaru Forester, good dogmobile?

Anyone have one?

I am hoping to get out to the dealership this week. Do they fit a 42" crate fairly well? Can you fit it the long way, or across the short way?

The other option is a minivan, but they are not nearly as fuel efficient and might be a lot bigger than I need, so I'm hoping the Forester will do the trick for me. I also just don't want to drive something that is way bigger than I need, and the Subaru's have all wheel drive which would be a mercy with this winter we've had.

Right now I am struggling with a Civic, and I am sick to death of it. lol

I think the 2014's the seats don't fold completely flat (there's a bit of a bump), but I'm hoping there's enough room that I can make it work.

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