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My Fist GSD/My first puppy

Hello my name is Sarah Sanders and I am the proud owner of Oskar! He is 8 weeks old today, and we will be trekking out into the vortex to take him to his first vet appointment in a few short hours.

My and my three kitties and my boyfriend Micah have welcomed him into our furry friendly and have been pleased with him thus far, despite the nipping and accidents (have you tried potty training a dog in a polar vortex?!?!)

I have had him for about a week and he has already grown so fast... He is just as much work as I thought he would be and a bit more but I feel blessed to have found a companion in him. I joined this forum after reading threads for the past month prior to purchasing my dog and am pleased to have found a community that has been and will continue to be so very helpful as Oskar and make our journey together.

I would like to thank you all in advance for your help,
Sarah & Oskar
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