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Can my GSD grow out of fear?

Hi? I'm a first-time GSD owner who has a 8-month-old male GSD, Lobo. I got him from a local breeder who claimed that he is from East-German (DDR) bloodline, when he was 10-week old. He has sable coat color which I really love.

Like other GSDs, he is very intelligent and calm. Unlike other GSDs, he is too friendly. Because of my kids and an one-year-old Chiwanee who was just adopted from a local shelter two weeks ago, I have no complaint about his soft personality. He is not aggressive at all. Even my neighbor's one-year-old Shih Tzu bites him from time to time, he just let it happen and seems not irritated at all. In a dog park, some dogs bite him while playing with him, and he allows it, too. He doesn't seem scared or frightened. Besides, he rarely barks. I know he can bark, but he doesn't, even if provoked by my kids. When he barks, that's when he wants something from me or when he wants to play with other dogs in sight. Even when he barks, he doesn't bark viciously at all. Last night, I saw him viciously barks for the first time, but it was immediately stopped by my family.

However, recently I have observed him tucking his tail between his tails when he encountered few, large dogs in the dog park. He seemed timid or frightened, if I didn't misinterpret him. I'm just wondering if he can grow out of this fear when he grows up. I don't want him aggressive but I want him confident. I don't know how to explain this mixed emotion. I'm very happy to see him friendly, but it is sort of unpleasant to see his tail between his legs. Isn't he a GSD? It contradicts that he has a DDR bloodline.

Some background Info:
He had grown normal up to 5 months, i.e. his weight was one or 2 pounds less, compared to the GSD growth chart. He was 48 or 49 pounds at 5 month, if I recall it correctly. However, I made a **** mistake of overfeeding him because I forgot changing the daily feeding amount between 6 and 8 months. I should have been more careful, though. Anyway, he is now about 26-in tall and 78 pounds. I'm hoping he will slow down the growth. Attached are his pics of now and the old days.

Any tips or advice will be appreciated in advance.
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