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Default Pet sitting woes

So today I am home from work ill. I can't cancel my appointment without 24 hr notice.
So instead I laid in bed while my pet sitter came.
I didn't tell her I was home.. Might be a mistake or not.
I hear her take him out and play with him.
I've given her instructions many times with the bite inhibition. He doesn't mouth us anymore, but I think he views her as a playmate.
The whole time she's yelling no or ow, and then says do you want to go in your crate.
She feeds him and takes him out. We've explained NILF and she isn't doing it.
She got in my house at 1104 and left at 1145. I pay for an hour.
Should I bring this up to someone or since she didn't know I was there I can't really do anything.
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