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Just have to vent...

We always have a full house (6 kids and 2 gsd) and our gsd's have not only taught all of us about unconditional love but have brought all of us even closer as a family BUT everyday on face book or other social media outlets we see way to many poor dogs giving up or just abandoned by their owners and its usually for no good reason. To see the look in their eyes, wondering what they did wrong just drives me nuts. I really think there should be some kind of regulation or training about who can and cant own a dog. To me it would be like raising one of my kids ( I know their dogs not people, just making an example) til their about 10 then putting them in foster homes cause I don't want to deal with them anymore. Really?? But i guess the only silver lining is that most of the time these poor dogs end up with people who will give them what they so deserve, a happy life and good home. Maybe I'm just becoming softer as I get older but I just don't get it...
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