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Socializing/ manners training for excited 2yr old

My 2yr old GSD Maverick is really sweet but his manners with other dogs (and sometimes people but that's for another thread) are not very good. On walks seeing another dog or hearing one anywhere close to him will make him very excited and he wants to immediately investigate and meet them. So pulling and sometimes barking and wining will happen. We got him when he was 1 and i wanted to socialize him as soon as possible but i don't know anyone who owns a dog remotely near his age and my parents were too timid to take him to the dog park so when he just turned two they gave in and we took him to a dog park. I took him on a long walk before entering but that changed nothing he was just as excited, we kept him on the leash the whole time so he wouldn't bother anyone, a lot of people there looked kind of annoyed that an inexperienced dog was around. Ok so the main problem is the way he introduces himself, first off he immediately goes face to face and if i don't make him turn around he will either start licking other dogs privates or (biggest problem) he starts to push down on the other dogs shoulders with his head and will begin to mount. So now he's been to the dog park 3 times on leash so i can correct the mounting. Is this the best thing? How can i fully socialize him with other dogs? He likes to play and have fun and has had good experiences with relatives dogs who were older. Just want to know what is the best thing to do about this, sorry for the long post just and i really appreciate any amount of help you can give, Thanks!
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