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I don't compete but would like to one day. During sessions, we usually start with all the basics that he knows hands down, then we will try a small handful, like 2 or 3 things he is iffy on. Once he has those down after a few sessions, we introduce new commands in a new session. When I introduce something new, I will start with a couple of his solid ones and move on with the new command. Once I feel we have gotten somewhere with it and I want to stop, I end with a few more of the ones he is solid on.

Also, play time is PERFECT for distraction based training. I have started using playtime with Titan as also OB training. Ex: throw the toy while he's in a down stay and make him make eye contact with me. "eyes" is one of the commands he is 90% on but when distractions are involved he loses it. So use your fun time too! Love the pictures btw

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