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First off leash dog encounter with my 20 week GSD...It just had to be a bird dog

I've been around plenty of pointers. Very high strung dogs....While taking Bane walking in the pasture tonight, I noticed a guy running his 3 bird dogs off leash across the pasture......I first noticed them when they were probably 1/4 mile away.... I kept on our side of the creek....Bane spotted them, and he sit and just watched them... I got him walking again, but he kept paying attention to them........I was trying to get moving before one of them spotted us....I failed....One of the pointers finally spotted us and the handler knew what his dog was up to at this point.,..He kept screaming for his dog, but it was paying no was approaching very fast. I knew the dog would cross the creek and it did.....The handler was very far away at this point and on the other side of the creek.

Dog approached us running, I stepped in front of Bane and tried slowing the dog down..,,Almost impossible with a pointer...I figured my hot dog treats would have no effect, and they didn't.... I never let the dog come in contact with Bane. Bane was barking, and not thrilled with the dog. It wasn't his happy go lucky bark...., The bird dog kept trying to approach Bane...He wasn't barking, but was being the normal super hyper, determined, bird dog....I kept kicking the dog away. My dog was on a leash and i tried to maintain slack in the leash when dancing around in circles kicking the dog away,,,, I def got a workout in....Took the handler over 5 minutes to get close enough to get control....At least all three of them didn't come rushing in....I might of had to pull my pistol and shoot into the creek bed.... Maybe they would think bird down at this point.....Cops might of frowned upon it... Handler apologized, and leashed the problem dog...The other 2 dogs listened to him... Thank God....I don't know how I would of reacted to 3 bird dogs rushing us....That would of been a lot harder to control.

Anyway I should of handled this different?

Is Banes behavior normal for this type of encounter?

I didn't want the dog to come in contact with Bane. Not many bird dogs(pointer type) have a calm gear. The dog wasn't showing any aggression, but I didn't let him get closer than 2-3 feet... He kept trying to break the barrier, I would kick him out of it....

Bane is pretty cautious/observant around other dogs....When walking, and a dog starts barking, a lot of times he will sit and just watch them, trying to sniff them out. Sometimes, he pays no attention and carries on... I try to make him maintain focus on me, but he usually stays locked on the dog....I haven't had many large breed adult encounters with Bane....I just don't trust other peoples dogs and do not want to take the chance....
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