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What is she afraid of??

Tonight, at about 6:50pm, my GSD mix had an issue. She was sitting in the kitchen, begging for food as normal. And suddenly stood up, put her ears back, tucked her tail, and ran into my mother in laws bedroom. From there she didn't stop and ran to the living room. Then to the dining room and under a standing chest, then under the table, the back to the in laws room under the card table, and finally settled terrified under her bed. I was insanely taken aback by this as she is scared of NOTHING that I have seen since I've had her, and nothing has changed lately in her routine. Nothing happened to trigger this. I told my in law about it and apparently there was a smilie episode about a week back. She was laying in the living room, facing the door threshold. This was about 2am. Suddenly she stood, tucked her tail, put back her ears, and began snarling at the threshold to the room. She moved closer a bit, barked a few times, and then whimpered and ran upstairs where I was asleep and crawled into bed with me. That I am used to so I thought nothing of it. Any ideas on sudden fear in GSD's? Or could it be something in the house that we aren't seeing. I'm writing this at 7:06 and she is back to her normal self, sitting next to the bed and begging for my food.

7:13pm She has crawled back under the bed, tail tucked.
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