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Suddenly becoming Aggressive

My17 mth old GSD (Cajun) has suddenly become aggressive towards our older 13 yr old GSD. It has happened twice in as many days where she lashes out at her barking...She has been with the older dog since she was 8 weeks old. My first thoughts were "what has changed". I can honestly say we have not been doing anything differently.

The things that come to mind that might precipitate it are that the 13 yr old is getting older but still very active, Cajun has not had her spay as yet so perhaps hormones are playing a role, and/or she is getting jealous even though we treat both the same.

We have also noticed Cajun is pawing at her bed (as if nesting). She is eating well and her energy level is still high. She gets plenty of exercise and enjoys the company of other dogs even though her preference is to be with people.

Anyone have any thoughts to share?
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